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LA SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond

Starlight of Authenticats

Authenticats Bengals

TICA registered pedigree kittens for pets, showing & breeding.

                                  RW SGC Authenticats Opal Bronze Soleil

RW SGC Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora

Stud Boy in the US

We at Authenticats use the best studs available to us - especially chosen to compliment the features of our queens, to enhance the characteristic of the breed, and produce the finest, healthiest kittens we possibly can.

Introducing - 'RW SGC Acute Flashback' (US Stud) 

(HCM negative)

This handsome, typey and successful Blue-Eyed / Lynx Point boy was paired up with our new fabulous queen 'Bengaland OpalDonut of Authenticats' - Lyra, whilst she completed the final few months of her quarantine with them. Flash has that special overall balanced look, a great head, wide puffy nose with puffy whisker pads, large eyes, medium ears, clear coat with arrow rosettes, short thick tail and muscular body, he will compliment Lyra's features so well.  

We are so pleased that we are to have such a special pedigree to bring into our lines, we just can't thank Peggy & Hugh, Winnie, and Sue & Chuck enough for all their help in making this happen xxx

Flash loves being shown and ended the 2009/2010 season as the Best Seal Lynx Point Cat internationally - what a star !!

Flash just has a superb pedigree -

Flash's Dam - RW CH Bengaland Hooters Rhianna of Acute

look at her fantastic profile, conformation and long body - just like her sire with a random marbling pattern.

Sire: IW SGC Bengaland Artic Hooter

Dam: CH Bengaland Bendelle Divinci

Flash's Sire - RW QGC KCSjunglebabes Blu Chiller

showing good horizontal pattern flow, good length in the body, a clear coat, strong markings, a wide nose and strong blue eyes.

Sire: IW SGC The Realms Ringo of KCSJungleBabes

Dam: KCS Sadielia May

Also the 5 generation pedigree contains the following Tica winners -

Dam's side -

LA IW SGC Bengaland Arctic Hooter

IW SGC Goldspurr Magnum Force of PS Bengals

IW SGC Bengaland's DiVinci Tae Bo

and 9 other Regional Winners.

Sire's side -

LA IW SGC Millwood Ischiron of Dreamland

IW SGC Therealms Ringoof KCSJungleBabes

and 3 other Regional Winners

He is stunning and after competing in only 8 TICA shows, he was the 18th Best Bengal Cat in the world in season 2009/10.

Flash has been tested negative for HCM.

All photographs on this website are strictly copyrighted and must not be copied or replicated without our permission.