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LA SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond

Starlight of Authenticats

Authenticats Bengals

TICA registered pedigree kittens for pets, showing & breeding.

                                  RW SGC Authenticats Opal Bronze Soleil

RW SGC Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora

Our Original Show Cats - were extremely successful !

Both of the Authenticats show boys (Solo + Tsuki) have been really successful on the TICA show bench, both quickly achieving that elusive and desired TICA 'Supreme' title. 

Solo is finally an LA (Lifetime Achievement) IW (International Winner), and RW RW RW (a Regional Winner for both Europe North and twice in Europe West), and in the 2008/9 show season, he also won Tica's Best Bengal Alter International top slot too, ensuring that he was the Best in the world !

So finally he max'ed out his 3 year show career by attaining that super-elusive Lifetime Achievement Award - you just can't go any further Solo, you have won it all - well done - you are my dream show boy ! xxxxx

Introducing 'LA IW RW RW SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond Starlight' - "Solo"

Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengal

Eye Colour = Deep Blue

DOB = 20th July 2007

Breeder = Andy Mitson & Trina Prosser of Jayuzuri Bengals

Solo's Fabulous Show Career History -

Solo had a fabulously successful career -

'Solo' is TICA's 2008/2009 season -

Best Bengal Alter in the UK, Europe AND Internationally,

5th Best Alter in the UK, 6th Best Alter in the EN Region, and 7th Best Alter outside of the US, 42nd Best Alter Internationally.

Also he is TICA's 2009/2010 season -

2nd Best Bengal Alter Internationally, Best Bengal Alter outside of the US, and Best Bengal Alter in the EW Region.

21st Best Alter Internationally.

5th Best Alter outside of the US.

3rd Best Alter in the EW Region.

Solo was also the EW region's highest scoring Bengal overall (so out of all the bengal kittens/cats/alters shown in EW)

and in his last show year he is TICA's 2010/2011 season -

17th Best Alter in the EW Region (lightly shown)


EN Regional Show Sept 2009 -

‘Best Alter’ from Vicki Fisher (TICA's President!)

& won the Overall ‘Best of the Best Alter’ for the weekend.


Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain Show 2010

Overall Best of the Best Alter for the weekend

Best in Show Club Bengal for Saturday, and Sunday and Overall too - scooping all the possible club trophies !!

PLUS -Tica - 'LA', and 'IW'and 'RW' 'RW' 'RW' and 'SGCA' titles


LOOF 'PREMIER' title - probably the first UK Bengal Alter to attain this title.

Solo - what a globetrotting, fantastically succesful boy you are !


Thanks go to Richard at Chanan Photography for his kindness and patience, enabling us to creating the above fantastic picture of Solo !


Solo's pedigree and a web link to a pedigree site

Thanks to Andy and Trina at Jayuzuri Bengals for allowing this extremely precious and gentle boy to come to us. He is greatly admired and has been such a pleasure to show.



Introducing 'SGCA Leopardspots Diamond Moonlight' - "Tsuki"

Seal Mink Spotted Bengal (one of the 3 types of Snow Bengal colours)

Eye Colour = Green/Gold

DOB = 30th Jun 2007

Breeder = thanks go to Rachel Medi at Leopardspots Bengals

2008-09 Show Season Placings


2nd Best Bengal Alter in the UK

(to Solo of course)

2nd Best Bengal Alter EN Region (to Solo of course)

12th Best Bengal Alter International


21st Best Alter in the UK

36th Best Alter in EN Region

211th Best Alter International



Tica - 'SGCA' title


Tsuki's web link to a pedigree site

Thanks to Rachel at Leopardspots Bengals for allowing cheeky Tsuki to come to stay with us. We love his outgoing nature and fun seeking personality !

After his successful show career, Tsuki is currently retired from showing, though he may just make some very special guest appearances in future shows perhaps ! 

All photographs on this website are strictly copyrighted and must not be copied or replicated without our permission.