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LA SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond

Starlight of Authenticats

Authenticats Bengals

TICA registered pedigree kittens for pets, showing & breeding.

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Important Information

All our cats and kittens are bred from top quality lines, and are therefore very precious to us, they are part of the family. So to ensure we place our babies into the best homes possible, we vet all potential new owners, their families and their homes, for their suitability. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, happy kitten, and for that kitten to be placed into loving and safe homes. So our kittens are available only to APPROVED pet, show, or breeder homes by negotiation only - so please do not be offended if we ask you some probing questions, and as our kittens are often in high demand, we only want to ensure that they go to the most suitably appropriate homes.

So pet ownership must not be taken lightly and although kittens are very cute when young, they do grow up into adults, and so can be rather boisterous, very active, and they do live for many years.

We expect all new owners to sign and adhere to our legally binding Contract, to protect us, you, and more importantly the welfare of the cat - from a sweet kitten, all the way through adulthood. Therefore we do not permit our cats to be re-sold, leased, re-homed, or just given away, and the new owner must notify us first if the need arises to re-home the animal, or it becomes unwell. This is purely to protect the welfare of the cat.

We insist that all our cats are kept safe as indoor only pets, with access to a contained outdoor area if possible, not to be allowed to roam freely as traffic can easily kill a beloved cat, and their interesting coat patterns could make them easy targets for other to try to adopt, including thieves (yes it does happen). 

These little pets require a lifetime of love and play, of interesting quality food, quality litter, and expert and frequently costly, veterinary care. We recommend that you take out pet insurance (Petplan highest cover is best) to aid with any surprises, as available funds must not detract from the welfare and best interests of my cats.

We breed for quality not quantity, therefore all our kittens are handled from birth and are part of the family, they are then ready to leave us at 13 weeks of age after neutering. It is recommended that the care and feeding instructions of the kitten be adhered to for 4 weeks, and that it is kept isolated for 1-2 weeks in a comfortable secure room of its own where it can adjust to its new home, and learn where its food, water and litter tray are kept. Introductions to other pets, children and more rooms should be performed slowly, and with respect to the kitten, as it could become overwhelmed and scared in a new and larger environment. We expect the kitten to fully settle-in after about 4-6 weeks. 

Please note that all pet males and females will be ​neutered and microchipped by us on receipt of the non-refundable deposit, and before collection. This is included in the price of the kitten.

Prices for one kitten will generally I nclude :-

Authenticats 5 generation signed pedigree

TICA registration

Feeding and care guide

Food samples - wet + dry

Food treats

Kitten toys

4 weeks Petplan insurance

Litter trained

Litter sample

Raised indoors with nails clipped before leaving us

Tick treatment performed

Tapeworm treatment performed

Both sets of kitten vaccinations performed

At least 2 sets of vet healthchecks performed

Microchipping performed

Neutering of pet kitten/cats performed

Contract signed by breeder and new owner.

All kittens are priced on an individual basis, and prices are variable across the litters. This is dependent on the quality of the kitten, its attractiveness, its sex, its colouring and patterning, the show success of its parents and ancestors, the quality of its breeding line / pedigree, and whether its parents have been imported too. Therefore kittens from desirable, successful, or imported lines, with stunning exotic looks are always more expensive, as importing breeding cats into the UK is extremely time consuming and costly, and our kittens get booked up very quickly. Please note that kittens sold outside of the UK are likely to be 50% extra on the below prices, and the purchaser must also covers all the export and additionally incurred costs (vet fees, boarding fees, pet passport fees, travel fees etc).

Approximate price ranges are ( uk customers only ):-

  • Basic Pet Only (not for show, has a fault, or an older kitten/cat) = £350-£600
  • Quality Pet or Show Neuter (no faults, or could show as an 'Alter') = £600-£1000
  • Breeder Only (but not for show) = £1700-£1900
  • Quality Breeder & Show Cat = £2000-£2500
  • (We offer a £50 discount when purchasing 2 kittens together)

Adoption Stages :-

On Evaluation - for the first 8-9 weeks but do enquire / register

Available - available to appropriate homes, so please enquire

On Hold - someone is deciding, but do still enquire

Pending - we are awaiting someone's deposit, but do still enquire

Reserved - someone has placed a deposit on this kitten

Adopted - someone has paid in full for this kitten

Keeper - we are keeping this breeder kitten, but do still enquire.

A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of £250 is required for each 'basic pet only' kitten, £500 for a 'quality pet or show neuter' kitten, and £1000 for each breeding kitten. Early deposits can be made by cheque, but all final balance payments to be made in cash only please. 

After purchase, should you unfortunately wish to return one of our kittens to us, for whatever reason, we will of course accept the kitten back to be re-homed, but please note that money will not be refunded.

For further details please read and understand the Contract which will accompany each kitten, and this is available upon request.

To help our new owners with transport issues, we can delivery your new kitten to you at a cost of 50p per mile round trip from Crawley, West Sussex, to almost anywhere in the UK !

Kittens are ready to leave at either 13 weeks old at the earliest, or 1 further week after viewing and deposit paid, to allow for neutering and recovery time. Should you wish for us to 'hold' the kitten for you for longer than this time window, to fit around your holidays etc, we can do, at a cost of £15 per week to cover food and litter.

We can potentially care for Authenticats only cats whilst you are on holiday - providing that cat has been kept up to date with vaccinations, and has had a FIP/Felv snap test performed by their vet within the 24-48 hrs prior to arrival. Any vets fees incurred whilst staying with us are the responsiblity of the owner. Boarding costs would be £15/day in our cattery, or £25/day indoors in our home, and arranged subject to available space in either area.

Please be aware that we are very small scale, and are purely hobby show breeders, raising just a few precious litters each year within our own home, and are therefore totally non-profit making. All monies paid for kittens go directly back to cover the costs already incurred for - purchasing of the expensive breeding cats, building an external cattery, specialist kitten food, and queen feeding products, birthing items, emergency items, cat trees and safe play area equipment, cleaning products, cat litter, toys, the Tica registration fees, and of course for all the veterinary services for the kittens, and for the queens too. Additionally there are advertising costs, and expensive showing and travelling costs as well. And don't forget the repairs required to our home too ! Our future aim would be to become self funding, so that our showing is eventually funded by our kittens !

For those people that think my pedigree kittens are 'too expensive', or for those who think they might like to 'try cat breeding to make money' - please read the list below of the necessary specialist items that I personally have had to purchase so far, whilst running my cattery as a non-profit making hobby -


Outside custom built 6 pen cattery with lighting, heating and security

Penthouse kittening pens x 4

Kittening heat pads x 6

Pillow cases, towels and birthing cloths for kittening

Scales for weighing kittens x 3

Large Cat trees x 6

Scratching posts x 7

Scratching mats x 6

Cat activity toys x 12

Kitten climbing centres x 4

Fabric kittening inner pens x 12

Beds and Blankets x 20+

Electric Heating always on indoors and outside in cattery

Kitten size litter trays x 8

Normal litter trays – currently have about 25 large hooded trays

Large Kibble dispensers x 10

Large Kibble containers x 10

Small kibble containers x 6

Water bowls x 12

Water dispensers x 10

Plastic food plates x 40

Cat carriers x 5

convalescence pens

Show pens - entire show bench setup, 2 trolleys, in-car pens

Fresh/new toys for each litter of kittens, toys into kitten packs

Cat-it linking cat toys

Ball in a ring cat toys

Endless cat toys - feather cat teasers, wands, crinkle toys, balls, bells, mice etc


High calorie Royal Canin Queen kibble food for expectant mums

Highly nutritious for expectant mums

Cat Nutridrops to revive failing kittens

KMR tinned milk - £5 per small tin

Liquivite for mixing

Cimicat kitten formula

Feeding tubes and syringes

Milton sterilising fluid

Almo Nature kitten food

Applaws kitten food

Royal Canin Babycat mousse

Royal Canin Babycat kibble

Royal Canin Instinctive Kitten pouches

Royal Canin Kitten 36 kibble

Kitten packs before they leave

Royal Canin Hair and Skin or Queen for cattery cats

Royal Canin Sterilised / Light for indoor neuters


Cat safe disinfectant - Trigene + Fresher Pets - endless

Simple Solution - Odour & Stain remover - endless

Carpet cleaner

Kitchen roll - at least 4 per week probably more

Disposable latex gloves & rubber gloves

Carpet Sweeper

Dyson Pet vacuum

Hardfloor Brushes x 8

Dustpan/brush x 7

Mops/buckets x 5

replacement mop heads - endless

Storage boxes x 4

Water storage containers x 3

Litter Scoops x 12

Poop bags by the thousand

Litter tray liners

Litter lockers and replacement rings

Plug-in air fresheners + other odour removers - endless

Micro fibre cloths for mopping up

Wheelie bin

Flip top bin

Large Refuse sacks to empty dirty litter into

masses of Litter for various age stages

Endless washing of bedding, blankets, towels, birthing cloths

Vet Care

Vaccinations x 2 each as kittens

Vaccinations - every cat in the cattery annually

Deworming pastes, granules and tablets

Deflea pipettes

Microchipping & Neutering

Vaccinating queens before breeding

Pyometra treatment for queens

TF / FIP / Felv testing for new breeders

PK Def DNA testing for new breeders

Colour DNA testing for kittens

HCM screening for breeders


TICA registration costs of cattery, for each litter, and for each kitten

Business cards

Website - £11 per month

Bengal Cat Club membership

Tica membership

Advertising costs on Bengalkittenlist – £55 per year

Additional advertising on Pets4Homes and Kitten List

Entering on

Purchasing costs and maintaining Breeder Assistant database

Creating Pedigrees and Printing and laminating costs

Creating Contracts and Printing costs

Kitten pack bags + document wallets.

Additional Costs

Cost of purchasing and maintaining the breeding cats

Importing costs direct from the USA via Europe for breeding cats

Cost of maintaining the 6 pen heated / lighted cattery - replacement wire netting, metal lock/hinge failure, repainting and repairing.

Cost of actual showing – all the showing equipment, bathing and grooming equipment, show entry fees, hotel costs, petrol costs, costs of confirming won titles with TICA

Club AGM – travel costs and purchase of trophies

Cost of Commemorative Rosettes for successful show cats

Purchase of professional photographs for using on the website

Purchase of Regional Award Dinner photographs

Annual Regional Award Dinner and 150+ favours for each of the guests

Replacing Spoilt items – various items in all the rooms of the house - stained carpets, broken items, scratches to furniture, ruined fabric, ripped wallpaper, chewed cables.

Loss of 3-4 rooms inside the house to use for birthing, raising and breeding.

Liaising with Royal Canin for breeder rates on food, contacting Petplan for 4 weeks insurance on each kitten, collecting in bulk all the litter and food and other regular consumables, plus storage of all these bulky items throughout the house.

Emailing and phone calls for interested new owners.

Finally creating kitten packs given to each of the new owners - large bags of litter, kibble and plenty of wet food, and some cat toys, and all the paperwork too.

So when you ask me "how much", and quickly think that my kittens are too expensive - please try to understand that as well as the costs mentioned above there is also my time, love and dedication too, all included for free to give the best to your new kitten - and definitely worth it for a lifetime of love from you kitten - per year the purchase price is surely small in comparison.

Photos courtesy of Helmi Flick Photography, Chanan Photography and Robert Fox Photography, plus Peggy Price at Bengaland, Winnie Hartner at Acute, Donna Syverson at Medoz, Gaynor at QueenAnne, Karen Hudson at Tarantela, Claire Whitby at Mimizali, Connie Henderson at Zawadi, and Jonathan Andre - thank-you all.

All photographs and text on this website are strictly copyrighted and must not be copied or replicated without our permission.

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