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LA SGCA Jayuzuri Diamond

Starlight of Authenticats

Authenticats Bengals

TICA registered pedigree kittens for pets, showing & breeding.

                                  RW SGC Authenticats Opal Bronze Soleil

RW SGC Authenticats Copper Onyx Aurora

Handmade 'Pen Linkers'

With our unique patent pending handmade 'Pen Linkers' you can link those lovely Sturdipen show pens together, to create more space for your cats !

We thought our precious cats deserved much more space when zipped into these pens, whether at a show, at a hotel and when you just need to keep them confined for a while.

So we designed and now make these quality and unique Pen Linkers which match all types of Show Sturdipens, so that you can allow your cat the run of more than one pen !

We find this idea fantastic, as most cats don't want to eat near their toilet, nor smell it all weekend long under their noses, so these Pen Linkers allow you to place the bedding and food bowl as far away as possible from the litter tray, which is kinder to your cats.

As you can see in the photo below, we use ours to have the litter tray on the far right hand side, then the hammock with bedding space underneath, then in the 'Pen Linker' space we place the food/water bowls, then to the left is more cozy bedding and blankets to snuggle under, and finally to the far left we seperate this space and keep all our grooming items, cat food, our sandwiches and tea/coffee making items, all of which is then zipped away from the show spectators to stop them touching your belongings !

Also, if you have two companion cats that you currently show seperately in two Sturdipens, which at home share their bowls, beds and litter tray etc, you now need to only take one set with you to the shows, instead of two - what a bonus !

We have also used a Pen Linker to confine one boy when he hurt his foot. He had the space to walk about in the two sturdipens, but it stopped him jumping up and down, repeating the injury. We think he got better much quicker, and his foot is now fine.

so we currently provide these Pen Linkers to fit the gap between the 2 sturdipens which would then span two show spaces - so making the total width 96 inches wide, but we can also custom make these to your specifications too, so wider or even taller so not just for the Sturdipen pens, but other models of pens too - just let us know and we can design exactly what you need !

The 'Deluxe Pen Linker' shown below in the middle of the two

sturdipens is priced at £35 each (+ P&P).

Why not buy two and chain all your pens together, all you cats can stay socialised and can stretch out whilst at a show !

Further details are in the document below.

So if you are interested please do send me an email to [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Trade enquiries are also welcome.

Please note that we don't recommend the Pen Linker for retaining active boisterous kittens, as we feel this product is more appropriate for the type of cat that is quite happy being in a sturdipen without the urge the escape and cause chaos!

You can see that our content and successful Show Boy 'Jayuzuri Diamond Starlight' shown in the photos absolutely loves this product, as he has two linked sturdipens all to himself - lucky boy !